Why I'm Running

We are in an extraordinary time. The COVID-19 pandemic will have short- and long-term effects on our communities’ health and well-being, our local and global economy, and the way schools function. 

Because of this, we also have a unique opportunity to re-chart our course—a chance to make our public institutions work better for us.

The decisions the leadership of San Francisco Unified School District make now will impact every student’s ability to learn. Our decisions now will also affect the financial health and sustainability of our district and its ability to serve its students and families.

When the November 2020 election is over, it is possible that there will be only one school board member who has spent more than two years serving on that board. This fact makes it more important than ever to elect new school board members who have experience managing large and complicated budgets, who have led organizations, and who know how to navigate challenging situations and set priorities—all while keeping equity and student needs front and center. 

We need school board members who have devoted time and energy to understand the complexity of California’s education system and who can identify where we can improve both locally and at the state level. Our children do not have time to wait for 6-12 months for someone who has enthusiasm, but no experience or knowledge with our schools or the education system, to be ready to do the job.

By electing me to the School Board, you ensure that the SFUSD Board of Education can 

  • Adapt as we academically, emotionally, and physically support our students, families, and educators through this crisis,
  • Successfully insulate our schools from the severe economic crisis that lies ahead as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic,
  • Fight for legislation and funding -- local, state, and federal -- to support each and every student in SFUSD, 
  • Lay bare and address the existing inequities in our education system, and
  • Strengthen our educator workforce.

Even before we found ourselves in this crisis, I have shown up consistently for our students, families and educators for over a decade.

I believe that investing in our public education system will strengthen our communities and break generational cycles of poverty. 

We can’t let our students down. I can’t stand by and not offer my experience and commitment to them and to you to help us get through this crisis.

I hope to earn your support for my campaign so that together we can become what we are meant to be—a district where each and every student thrives and looks back on their education here as a pivotal moment in time where their pathway took a turn towards the future they most hope for.

Please join me.