My preamble.

I have always been passionate about education. Even from a very young age growing up in West Texas I felt instinctively that this is where we have to put our energy if we want our communities and our world to be the kind of place we want to live in - where everyone has access to good jobs and poverty is unheard of, where everyone treats others with kindness and respect, and where people participate in building their communities.

As a little girl, I wanted to be a teacher. I played school with my sisters and practiced handwriting. When I was older, I fell in love with music, took piano lessons and played the piano incessantly. My parents and others in the neighborhood convinced me to teach piano to the local kids when I was in high school. I did. This was my first experience teaching.

I went on to get a bachelor degree in piano pedagogy so I could be a better piano teacher and be a better musician. While I was in college I was friends with the Carter family whose own kids were in high school and college. Susan was on the local school board and I listened to her talk about the issues they were voting on. I heard her frustration when things weren’t going in the direction she wanted them to. My admiration for her and her commitment to her community and to serving the best interests of young people left an impression on me.

When I had kids, and the importance of education took on a whole new, personal meaning. The kind of education my children experienced would make a huge difference in their life’s trajectory.

Thirteen years ago we started elementary school in SFUSD. I signed up the first day of school to be a room parent. I wanted to get to know the kids. I wanted to see how I could support my son’s teacher so she could engage 20 5-year-olds in the classroom. I got more and more involved, first at the school level, then the district level, and then at the state level, and my belief that education can change lives was validated over and over.

We’ve been proud to be part of SFUSD. My kids have had amazing teachers. I’ve met incredible families and education partners. But there is more we can and must do to make sure that every single student graduates from our schools confident and prepared to take on the world.

I’m running for a seat on the SFUSD Board of Education to:

  1. Recognize and address the unique needs, interests, and strengths of each student in SFUSD, and provide the education and supports they need to be successful while they're in SFUSD and after graduation, in a way that fuels their interest and excitement in learning.
  2. Make sure we can attract and retain excellent educators in all our schools.
  3. Improve communication and partnership with families and other stakeholders.
  4. Redesign our school enrollment system to be easier to navigate and more predictable for families, with a higher neighborhood preference, while making sure that all students can attend excellent, diverse schools.
  5. Improve accountability of SFUSD to its families and the citizens of San Francisco.

I’ll be a strong and responsive Board member with:

  • More than a decade of leadership experience as a parent and community advocate
  • Education policy expertise from years of local and state education advocacy work
  • Firsthand knowledge of what is like to have children in SFUSD’s elementary, middle, and high schools
  • Experience listening to all stakeholders, considering differing perspectives and experiences to strengthen the policies and practices we put in place to support every single one of our students and families


More about my position on student enrollment COMING SOON!

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