Michelle is proud to be endorsed by these elected officials and community leaders. Add your name to the list here!

Fiona Ma
Board of Equalization
Scott Wiener
State Senator
David Chiu
State Assemblymember
Phil_Ting_500x800.jpgPhil Ting
State Assemblymember
London Breed
Mayor of San Francisco
Libby_Schaaf_500x800.jpgLibby Schaaf
Mayor of Oakland
Carmen Chu
Vicki Hennessy
Valley_Brown_500x800.jpgVallie Brown
Ahsha_Safai.jpegAhsha Safai
Catherine_stefani_Headshot.jpgCatherine Stefani
Katy Tang
Shamann Walton
School Board Member
Emily_Murase_Headshot_2014.jpgDr. Emily Murase
School Board Member
Rachel Norton
School Board Member
Alex Randolph
Vice-President, City College Board of Trustees
Thea Selby
Trustee, City College Board
Nick Josefowitz
BART Board of Directors

*Title for identification purposes only

Meagan Levitan, SF Democratic County Central Committee
Mark Farrell, Former Mayor and District 2 Supervisor
Jeff Sheehy, Former District 8 Supervisor
Jill Wynns, Former Member, Board of Education
Amy Bacharach, Former Trustee, City College
Steve Ngo, Former Trustee, City College
Alix Rosenthal, Former Member, SF Democratic County Central Committee
Trevor McNeil, Former Member, SF Democratic County Central Committee
Victor Olivieri, San Francisco Veterans Affairs Commission*
Kat Anderson, Recreation and Parks Commission*
Andrea Shorter, Commission on the Status of Women*
Julie D. Soo, Esq., Commission on the Status of Women*
Suzy Loftus, Former President of the SF Police Commission
Denise Jennison, San Ramon Valley USD Board of Education
Elana Levens-Craig, Santee Board of Education
Mark Buchman, San Luis Coastal Unified School District Board of Education

San Francisco Chronicle
Sing Tao Daily
Alice B. Toklas LGBT Democratic Club
San Francisco Building and Construction Trades Council
San Francisco Fire Fighters Local 798
San Francisco Parent PAC
United Democratic Club
City Democratic Club
San Francisco Democratic Women in Action
Edwin M. Lee Asian Pacific Democratic Club 
Westside Democratic Club
District 5 Democratic Club
Willie B. Kennedy Democratic Club
GAPA - Gay Asian Pacific Alliance
Bayard Rustin LGBT Coalition
YIMBY Action
Evolve California
Northern California Carpenters Regional Council
Carpenters Local 22
LiUNA Laborers Local 261
Plumbers & Pipefitters Local 38
Sprinkler Fitters Local 483
Sheet Metal Workers Local 104
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local 6
Operating Engineers Local 3

Bruce Agid, South Beach / Mission Bay Neighborhood Association, Board Director*
Margaret Brodkin, Former Director of Dept of Children Youth and their Families
Tracy Brown-Gallardo, Board Chair of Mission Language and Vocational Services and Mission District Community Activist*
Ninive Calegari, Founder of 826 National and CEO of The Teacher Salary Project* 
Melorra Green, Co-Executive Director, African American Art & Culture Complex*
Melonie Green, Co-Executive Director, African American Art & Culture Complex*
Todd David, Co-founder of San Francisco Parent Political Action Committee
Chris Faust, Upper Noe Neighbors*
Sandra Halladey, Co-founder of Parents for Public Schools (PPS-SF)*
Schuyler Hudak, Candidate for D2 Supervisor
Conor Johnston, Co-founder East of Twin Peaks Neighborhood Association*
Justin Jones, United Democratic Club, President Ex Officio and Founder*
Albert Ko, Former Second District PTA President
Amie Latterman, Parent for Public Schools - SF, Board President*
Stephanie LeBeau, Former Second District PTA President
Cathy Mulkey Meyer, Former Second District PTA President
Teri Olle, President, San Francisco Parent Political Action Committee
Sherrie Rosenberg, Former Second District PTA President
Schauleh Sahba, Amigos for Multilingualism*
Corey Smith, United Democratic Club, President*
Malik Wade, Juvenile Justice Advocate
Lorraine Woodruff Long, Former Executive Director of Parents for Public Schools (PPS-SF)
Jacquie Zapata-Chavez, Excelsior Collaborative* and SFUSD parent

Marc Andrews, SFUSD parent
Annie Bauccio, SFUSD parent
Joanne Bedwell, SFUSD parent
Rebecca Boardman, SFUSD parent
Kristina Bunger, SFUSD parent
Anna Burke, SFUSD parent
Rachel Caldwell, SFUSD parent
Jeena Choy, SFUSD parent
Daniel Cox, SFUSD parent
Courtney Damkroger, parent
Joshua Danson, SFUSD parent
Alexandra Eldar, SFUSD parent
Gillian Gillett, SFUSD parent
Rich Gonzales, SFUSD parent
Chris Goumas, SFUSD parent
Elizabeth Goumas, SFUSD parent
Kim Green, SFUSD parent
Maya Keshavan, SFUSD parent
Vicky Keston, SFUSD parent
Jon Kishimoto, SFUSD parent
Kris Ahn Koulias, SFUSD parent
Naomi Laguana, SFUSD parent
Tiffany Loewenberg, SFUSD parent
Richard Lowden, SFUSD parent
Abigail Marks, SFUSD parent
Scott Mignola, SFUSD parent
Kirk Mountain, SFUSD parent
Melissa Mountain, SFUSD parent
Nina Paolucci, SFUSD parent
Alexis Rand, SFUSD parent
Tim Rand, SFUSD parent
Heather Rothert, SFUSD parent
Kathy Sabatino, SFUSD parent
Erica Sandberg, SFUSD parent
Ellen Schatz, SFUSD parent
Mark Schoeller, SFUSD parent
David Silberman, SFUSD parent
David Sosa, SFUSD parent
Cherry Tam, SFUSD parent
Joanne Taylor Lochtefeld, SFUSD parent
Stephanie Thomas, SFUSD parent
Sherry Thomas-Zon, SFUSD parent
George Toy, SFUSD parent
Robert Vernon, SFUSD parent
Anita Walter, SFUSD parent
Carrie Wonzer, SFUSD parent
Heather World, SFUSD parent
Josephine Zhao, SFUSD parent
Alana David, SFUSD student
Elizabeth Kishimoto, SFUSD student
Emma Kishimoto, SFUSD student
Buzz Harris, SFUSD teacher
Michelle Kishimoto, SFUSD teacher
Martha Klinger, SFUSD teacher
Linda Plack, SFUSD teacher
Michael Prutz, SFUSD teacher
Sheila Anastas
Michelle Anderson
Stacey Ashlund
Karen Batmale
Adam Berman
Yvette Cuca Bromberger
Lena Brook
Jennifer Carri
Holly Carver
Scott Christensen
Erik Cummins
Armand Domalewski
Allan Driggs
Galen Dong
Alexandra Eldar
Ernest Fong
Emil Forsman
Katherine Fraser
Leslie Garner
Clay Harrell
Richard Harris
Adam Hugo Holman
Elizabeth Jenson
Martin Kirkwood
Janet Kunze
Laurie Loftus
Heidi Machen
Noah Maier
Tyrrell Mahoney
Carina Mifuel
Catriona Miller
Lindsay Miller
Aimee Montague
Lisa Moore
Robin Morjikian
Charlie Moser
Jill Munson
Susan Nasca
Sebastian Parker
Angela Penley
Angelica Philips
Annette Poliwka
Daniel Polk
Lauren Reed
James Reilly
Lilia Rodriguez
Ernestine Ross
Caroline Scott
Alex Scotta 
Marjorie Schlenoff
Laurie Simonson
Lisa Spinali
Shannon Weber
Marty Wenkel
Tom Weverka
Tom Whelan
Cynthia Woo
Michael Yarne
Colby Zintl

*Title for identification purposes only