Ensure improved accountability to the families and residents of San Francisco. 

San Francisco voters support public education again and again. We are fortunate they believe our students are worth investing in. This also means we need to engage our San Francisco community when possible, as it will increase their buy-in to what we are doing.

Success in this area means:

  • Data about how SFUSD’s efforts are impacting student outcomes - its progress, challenges, and strengths - are easy to find and easy to interpret.
  • SFUSD is strategically partnering with City agencies, non-profits, and for-profits, to leverage each organization’s strengths and expertise to better serve our students both during their time in our schools, and in preparation for life after graduation.
  • SFUSD is accessing and embracing the creativity of the Bay Area community and workforce, which will help it identify and implement solutions that help SFUSD students reach their full potential.
  • When the public education brings another issue to the ballot, voters overwhelmingly and enthusiastically choose to support it because they are confident in the results of their previous support.